Helicopter Stories

An exciting project where we work with a leading childrens education charity with a course based system where teachers can enrol with the courses to enable children to play act stories in the classroom.

Our Brief

In late 2022, BMC partnered with Helicopter Stories at Trisha Lee’s request for digital marketing and SEO enhancements. Initially, we conducted an extensive SEM Rush website audit to gauge visibility, digital footprint, and traffic data, forming the baseline for our strategy.

Armed with insights, we restructured the website, focusing on customer experience and organic SEO. This encompassed redesigning and optimizing the site to enhance functionality and visibility.

What We Did

Driven by audit findings, BMC initiated a comprehensive website overhaul. We meticulously redesigned, restructured, and optimized the site to boost both aesthetics and search engine visibility, aligning it with Helicopter Stories’ brand essence.

Beyond the website, we integrated Mailchimp and revamped social media efforts to fortify the company’s digital presence.

The Result

Transitioning to a continued partnership, the initial six weeks saw an 8% surge in site traffic, increased time on site, and a notable rise in site health to 82%. Removal of 57 toxic links streamlined the website’s credibility.

Our Mailchimp integration and social media strategies further amplified Helicopter Stories’ digital footprint, showcasing the success of our collaboration with Trisha and Isla.

Key skills used

Combined with top level customer service, these are the key areas where we made a difference:

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