Kukkina Boutique

An exciting new concept in fashion we created an online platform for an experience based shopping event

Our Brief

We were approached towards the end of 2023 as to where to start with regards to the marketing for Kukkina Boutique. With an established following on social media, Kukkina didn’t have a website or any visibility in search for ladies looking for the complete customer experience on shopping! 

What we did

We agreed that we should start with creating a profile in Googe complete with Google Tour & bespoke photography so create a footprint in local search.

We then designed and built a boutique style website with sub pages promoting the Kukkina Wellness Hub. Starting with a gateway page into the shop, the website has clear categories and large imagery to aid customer experience and we also added an Events section and integrated social media profiles.


The Result

Launched in January 2024, the website is already receiving traffic and is on page 1 of Google for local search results relating to ladies shopping.  

An ongoing relationship with full ecommerce a likely stage 2, this has been a great project to work on with a lovely team who have trusted us throughout to do ‘what we’re good at.’ 


Key skills used

Combined with our top level customer service, these are the key marketing initiatives we employed to deliver on the brief.