Zumo Zest

With over three decades of expertise in crafting premium citrus ingredients, Zest stand as pioneers in the art of transforming the finest citrus fruits into vibrant zests, pulps and juices.

Our Brief

In April 2024, Zumo Zest approached us seeking guidance on revitalising their marketing efforts. They were relying on an outdated website that struggled to generate new inquiries, appearing as far back as page 21 in search results for critical keywords. This resulted in very low engagement rates and minimal time spent on the site by visitors. Addressing these challenges was our first priority.

What We Did

Objective – To revamp Zumo Zest’s website to improve customer experience, increase engagement, and enhance search engine visibility.


  1. Website Migration and Theme Redesign: We transferred the existing Zumo Zest website to our development server and crafted a new, visually appealing theme aimed at providing a superior customer experience. This redesign was intended to captivate visitors and extend their time on the site.

  2. Search Engine Optimisation: Using our AI sotfware for market analysis, we re-optimised the website to target essential keywords such as “Zest Suppliers.” This strategic targeting was designed to improve search engine rankings and attract relevant traffic.

  3. Content Enhancement: Our team rewrote the website content to align better with Google’s search algorithms. This included creating engaging, keyword-rich content that would rank higher in search results and resonate more effectively with the target audience.

  4. Visual and Structural Improvements: We introduced high-quality imagery to make the site more appealing and engaging. Additionally, we implemented a new site structure to streamline navigation, making it easier for customers to find the information they need and enhancing their overall experience.


The Result

The revamped Zumo Zest website now offers a more engaging and user-friendly experience, with improved visibility on search engines and a clear, compelling call to action, ultimately driving more traffic and increasing customer engagement.

Achieving a page 1 position in Google, the first call back request from a quality brewery arrived in the directors’ inbox within 7 days of launch. 

Key skills used

Combined with top level customer service, these are the key areas where we made a difference:

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