Western Air Ducts

Part of the Global CEOO Group based in the US, Western Air Ducts is a leading firm of Industrial Air Quality Consultants and Engineers.

Our Brief

In the latter part of 2016, Bath Marketing Consultancy (BMC) entered a significant partnership with Western Air Ducts, assuming the role of their dedicated marketing agency. This collaboration marked a pivotal juncture, as BMC undertook the responsibility of steering Western Air Ducts’ marketing strategies into a transformative phase. Western Air Ducts entrusted BMC with the substantial task of redefining their brand presence and fortifying their market position within their specialized industry.

What We Did

BMC began by rejuvenating Western Air Ducts’ corporate identity, modernizing their brand image to align with current market trends. We streamlined their online presence, consolidating multiple platforms into a single, user-centric website. Additionally, BMC implemented effective white-label SEO strategies and managed diverse Google AdWords campaigns, playing a crucial role in shaping and executing WAD’s comprehensive marketing strategy. The goal was not just to boost visibility but also to fortify Western Air Ducts’ market standing and foster deeper customer engagement.

The Result

The strategic initiatives orchestrated by BMC brought about a transformative change in Western Air Ducts’ marketing landscape. Our modernization efforts and the streamlined online platform positioned WAD for enhanced market outreach and engagement. The execution of white-label SEO, efficient management of diverse ad campaigns, and collaborative marketing support reflect the success of our ongoing partnership, amplifying WAD’s marketing communications and strategy.

What We Did

Combined with our top level customer service, these are the key marketing initiatives we employed to deliver on the brief.
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