Top Dog Mortgage Company

A innovative and well established mortgage brokerage company with full FCA regulation and an experienced team with a wide range of products

Our Brief

Our collaboration with Director Andrew Pratt began in 2017 when BMC was appointed to conceptualize his new business venture. Crafting a compelling identity inspired by ‘man’s best friend,’ we meticulously developed a fully responsive website. The qualities of loyalty, service and fortitude found in our canine friends were reflected in the companies key standards. This platform effectively showcased various mortgage products in an innovative and engaging way. 


What We Did

Andrew’s business, an established mortgage brand with a formidable Google organic search presence, evolved significantly over time. In 2023, BMC led the charge in the website’s redesign, focusing on modernizing its interface to align with current trends. Amidst the expansion of the mortgage product range and team, we dedicated efforts to curate bespoke pages, create fresh graphics, and extensively rewrite content for enhanced relevance and resonance.

The Result

The revamped website received the stamp of compliance approval and earned enthusiastic acclaim from the client. This contemporary incarnation not only elevated the brand’s digital appeal but also served as a testament to BMC’s commitment to delivering exceptional design and content. The client’s resounding satisfaction underscores the success of our collaborative efforts and highlights the platform’s effectiveness in representing Andrew’s growing and diversified business portfolio.

Key skills used

Combined with our top level customer service, these are the key marketing initiatives we employed to deliver on the brief.

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