Eco Branded

Approached by the Managing Director as one of three potential marketing agencies, the brief was to look at the digital marketing for Eco Branded and come up with a strategy to improve the online marketing for the company.

Our Brief

Following an initial meeting back in May 2020, we were appointed primarily to increase website visibility in organic search as well as evaluate the current e commerce website.

Relying almost extensively on paid SEO activities, Eco Branded sold some exceptional, eco branded merchandise, but suffered from a lack of online visibility in a crowded marketplace.

What We Did

We began with an audit on the analytics to gauge bouce and engagement rates. Using A.I, we also ran position tracking analysis and did a full SEO check, researched the customer journey and the overall Google footprint. This allowed us to get a detailed overview of where we were with regards to online visibiity, keywords giving us data to make decisions.

As we wanted to avoid any website downtime, we exported the existing WordPress website to our development server so we could also work on it away from Google using the WP migration plug in. 

We then set about tweaking the design, structure and UX  as well as implementing the vital high level, SEO work. 



The Result

Within 6 weeks, an updated site was launched which was indexed by Google giving a page 1 search result for the primary search terms. The revised site is already achieving a higher quality level of enquiry and is climbing the rankings. 

Working on a retained basis for SEO, Eco Branded ranks as one of the highest in the sector and recently yielded 72 enquiries in a single month (Nov 2022). The website currently shows a site health of 91% in SEM Rush. We’ve also increased engagement by 63%, traffic by 128% and time on site by 61% in the last 12 months.

What We Did

Combined with our top level customer service, these are the key marketing initiatives we employed to deliver on the brief.

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