Wesco Living

A e-commerce store with full inventory control and full SEO and strategy campaign

Our Brief

BMC’s collaboration with Wesco Living commenced in early 2023, initially focusing on optimizing their existing Google AdWords and paid digital marketing initiatives. Assigned with managing multiple campaigns across various Google networks—search, display, and shopping—our primary goal was to reduce Cost Per Click (CPC) while concurrently boosting traffic volumes. By revamping existing campaigns, introducing new ads, and refining bid strategies, we successfully bolstered sales performance across all fronts.

What We Did

Subsequently, we transitioned into enhancing the website’s organic SEO. Leveraging tools like SEM Rush, our strategies concentrated on augmenting visibility through onsite keyword targeting, robust link-building endeavors, generating SEO-centric content, and collaborating with Wesco on their social media marketing initiatives. This concerted effort saw a noticeable surge in engagement metrics on the site. While precise ROI figures remain undisclosed, the impact has been notably significant.

The Result

The culmination of BMC’s strategic interventions at Wesco Living yielded tangible outcomes. Our meticulous optimisation efforts across Google networks led to enhanced sales performance and increased website traffic.

Increases of 26%, 41% CTR and a decrease in click costs heightened visibility, amplified engagement levels, and the undisclosed yet impactful ROI, underscores the success of our collaborative endeavors with Wesco Living.

Key skills used

Combined with our top level customer service, these are the key marketing initiatives we employed to deliver on the brief.

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