Broomfield Heating & Plumbing

An established and successful company that had been in business for over a decade and built an enviable reputation, we gave them a professional and polished digital presence

Our Brief

In June 2023, John Broomfield sought out a local marketing entity to elevate his Somerset-based business. Despite a decade of establishment and a commendable reputation, his company lacked a crucial digital presence. Recognizing this gap, he approached BMC to spearhead his digital journey.

Working as a team, we meticulously drafted a comprehensive plan, laying the foundation for the digital transformation ahead. This included structuring a roadmap, conceptualizing designs, and initiating essential processes such as establishing their Google Business Profile and conducting a comprehensive SWOT analysis leveraging cutting-edge AI tools.

What We Did

BMC’s scope extended beyond website content; we meticulously crafted a visual story that encapsulated John’s brand essence. Collaborating closely, we tailored every image and design element, ensuring resonance with the target audience and amplifying the site’s allure.

We meticulously strategised and executed a cohesive visual narrative, aligning each design element with John’s brand identity. This precision ensured a compelling online representation that resonated with the audience, affirming the site’s impact and brand cohesion.

The Result

Our team efforts culminated in a fully-fledged digital platform embodying John’s brand essence. The polished website not only featured compelling content but also reflected the company’s ethos through captivating visual elements.

The site’s launch received positive acclaim, affirming the success of our partnership. Moving forward, our ongoing collaboration promises a continued journey of strategic growth and impactful digital presence.

Key skills used

Combined with our top level customer service, these are the key marketing initiatives we employed to deliver on the brief.

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