Ned Pet Care

An e-commerce project selling a range of innovative plastic free pet shampoos from a leading Somerset chemical company – the focus was an engaging product with a low carbon footprint.

Our Brief

PBT International Limited approached us in Q4 of 2021 with a unique venture—venturing into the domain of dog care products. Known for their expertise in developing top-tier print consumables and pioneering production methods, the foray into Ned Pet Care marked a distinct departure from their usual portfolio. Our task was to create a distinctive visual identity and subsequently craft a website tailored to resonate with both B2B and B2C markets.

What We Did

Our team dived headfirst into realising the vision for Ned Pet Care’s online presence. We began by conceptualizing and implementing a cohesive ‘look,’ setting the tone for the brand’s identity. Crafting an e-commerce platform, the website was brought to life with engaging illustrations contributed by a renowned Bristol-based designer. This captivating visual element plays a pivotal role in enhancing user engagement and elevating the brand’s appeal.

The Result

The collaborative efforts resulted in a robust online platform for Ned Pet Care, seamlessly integrating e-commerce functionalities. The engaging illustrations, a standout feature on the site, add a compelling visual narrative. Furthermore, Ned Pet Care’s upcoming presence at Crufts in 2022 offers an opportunity for prospective customers to register for a sample online, further amplifying brand visibility and market outreach.


Key skills used

Combined with our top level customer service, these are the key marketing initiatives we employed to deliver on the brief.

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