Assurity Solutions

A market leader in GAP and additional add on insurance products, and one of the most recognised brands in the UK automotive sector

Our Brief

Our collaboration with Assurity Solutions began in early 2020, with a distinct mandate: to redefine the brand narrative rather than merely highlight individual talents within the company. Despite years of operation, Assurity heavily relied on conventional marketing methods, prompting the need for a transformative approach which BMC embarked on.

What We Did

Our strategic focus revolved around orchestrating a paradigm shift towards a robust digital presence. This entailed crafting an optimized website geared to secure a prominent position in Google’s organic searches while engineering a clear customer journey. Concurrently, we built a comprehensive digital sales pipeline, harnessing e-marketing, social media, and targeted engagement at industry forums.

The Result

The collaborative efforts bore fruit swiftly. Assurity Solutions now stands at the forefront in Google searches, eclipsing competitors. Clients receive curated industry insights directly in their inboxes, fostering engagement. Moreover, our collaboration with trade media bolstered brand visibility, positioning Assurity Solutions as an industry authority.

Key skills used

Combined with top level customer service, these are the key areas where we made a difference:

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