Salisbury Fertility Clinic

One of our proudest moments as an independent agency has been being appointed by Salisbury NHS Trust at the end of 2018 to work with their Fertility Centre.
Marketing Consultancy for Business

Our Brief

In late 2018, Salisbury NHS Trust sought BMC’s expertise to reinvigorate their Fertility Centre’s identity. Amid a meticulous selection process, BMC stood out and was entrusted with a pivotal task: to craft a distinct brand identity, design a bespoke website, and curate patient-centric marketing materials. This appointment marked a significant moment for BMC as an independent agency, securing a pivotal role in enhancing the Centre’s market presence and patient engagement.


What We Did

BMC embarked on transforming the Centre’s identity and digital presence. we revolutionized the visual narrative by steering clear of stereotypical medical imagery and instead opted for innovative and distinctive nature images, that communicated an inspiring vision for the future and reflecting the experience for patients of the clinic.

The innovative website and brand identity symbolized a shift from traditional norms, focusing on diversity and excellence. The approach aimed to transcend industry stereotypes, championing a progressive narrative and attracting a broad spectrum of patients seeking the Centre’s services.

The Result

The outcome exceeded expectations, eliciting praise from both The Trust and patients. With its impressive search engine ranking, the website spurred over 350 patient enquiries, marking a significant triumph in the Centre’s digital evolution. BMC’s ongoing website maintenance and collaboration on a Google Tour underscore a commitment to continual patient support and innovative strides within the Centre’s digital sphere.

What We Did

Combined with top level customer service, these are the key areas where we made a difference:

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