Heating Spares & Controls

A large e-commerce site with a substantial inventory of products – selling heating spares and controls to engineers and plumbers
Digital Marketing Solutions

Our Brief

Our introduction to the business owners stemmed from a leading web design agency in the Channel Islands, acknowledging our prowess in SEO. Tasked with revamping the original website (HeatXchange), our journey commenced with a comprehensive audit and re-optimization of all paid Google advertising across three networks. The primary objectives were to enhance traffic, click-through rates, and overall sales performance.

What We Did

Given Heating Spares & Controls’ status as a significant online shop catering to engineers nationwide for boiler parts, the digital marketing facet assumed paramount importance. Our strategy encompassed an in-depth analysis of user experience (UX), organic SEO enhancement, and continuous optimization of paid activities. As the inventory boasted over 300,000 products alongside diverse elements like imagery, variations, delivery, and payment options, meticulous research paved the way for a website rebuild.

The Result

The monumental undertaking led to the implementation of the Laravel framework and meticulous hand-coding of the user dashboard and functionality. Considered BMC’s most extensive website project, this 10-month endeavor marked a significant achievement. The rebuild not only showcased our technical finesse but also affirmed our commitment to delivering a bespoke and cutting-edge digital platform for Heating Spares & Controls.

Key skills used

Combined with top level customer service, these are the key areas where we made a difference:

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