Gibbs Tregidgo

Strategic design and website build for a Bristol-based building and maintenance company, Gibbs & Tregidgo

Our Brief

Our agency undertook a transformative project for a Bristol-based building and maintenance company, showcasing the synergy of our strategic approach and stunning website design services.

Gibbs and Tregidgo were referred to Bath Marketing Consultancy by another client of ours as they had put up with a DIY website for a number of years that had generated zero enquiries over a long period of time. Dylan Pearson (MD) wanted to be able to showcase his Bristol based business and promote his electric, plumbing and maintenance services.

What We Did

Swiftly diving into action, we absorbed a strategic brief, conducted thorough competitor analysis, and delved into SEO research to uncover the optimal digital pathway. Meticulously planning the website structure, we embarked on crafting a “clean” design that not only provided clients with comprehensive information on services but also conveyed the impression of a well-established, local authority.

The magic continued as we curated compelling imagery and engaging content, meticulously tailoring every element to align with the brand’s identity. Hosting the website on the efficient Brixly server, configured specifically for Dylan’s needs, ensured optimal performance and seamless user experience.  

The Result

As the company expanded its services to include renewable energy, our website design seamlessly evolved with the business, showcasing its versatility and adaptability. The result? A website that not only stands as a digital testament to the company’s offerings but also serves as a dynamic platform that grows alongside the business it represents.

Key skills used

Combined with our top level customer service, these are the key marketing initiatives we employed to deliver on the brief.

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