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BMC has been working with Dible & Roy Interiors since 2013 and they are one of our longest serving and most rewarding clients.

The relationship began after being approached to look at constructing a media plan for their external media advertising and PR.  As the marketing arena evolved, so too did the relationship and we worked with the team on designing a new website as well as other digital elements like email marketing and SEO.

Here we are some 9 years later and we've designed and built 3 websites for Dible and Roy, worked with them on social media, run adwords campaigns and boosted their customer base via dedicated emarketing and SEO work. Their latest site was re scoped during Covid to become an online shop.

A stunning client to work with and we have used them personally for flooring, curtains etc. 

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  • Marketing Consultancy
  • Online strategy
  • SEO (Search engine optimisation)
  • Website Design

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