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We solve problems
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Where are you now?
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Where do want to be?
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How do we get there?
About Us

Over 100+ Years' Experience

What are Bath Marketing Consultancy’s processes? How do we move forward? How do things work? All will be explained….

One of the key benefits to the marketing solutions we deliver is the efficiency of the process we undertake. Scheduling your project to fit in with your timescales as well as ours plays a major part in the high levels of customer service Bath Marketing Consultancy provides. When we decide to move forward into a proper working relationship, we make sure that you are kept very much in the loop and allowed to add your input at each stage.

We operate an open door policy with our clients, many of who we have worked with for a number of years.

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We Consult
We very much believe in meeting the people we could work in an informal and relaxed atmosphere. That way, both parties can swap notes and get a real feeling of what is required and discuss the project. We could come to you, meet in Bath at a coffee house or come and see us if you'd like. At this stage we would listen to what you need, discuss options, possible prices and potential timings.
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We Plan
Each project we undertake and/or client we work with has its own challenge and this requires us to familiarise ourselves with the market before the magic happens! We invest our time in the thought process; the rationale if you'd like. We then discuss your needs, we examine your market & then put down in writing a formal proposal; a marketing document outlining the stages we would undertake & the costs involved.
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We Deliver
We won't let the grass grow under our feet when we work with you. We are totally transparent and, unlike other agencies, you wont need to chase us! You can relax knowing that your marketing has our full attention and is in very safe hands. Our project management system means we work in Partnership with you and the marketing we deliver adds value at every stage, creating impact and return on investment.
How We Do

Steps to Build a Successful Marketing Funnel

Create Awareness
Visibility is a key word in marketing; how visible are your to your potential customers? Also known as brand awareness.
Create Interest
Do your potential customers know about you, what you offer and, more importantly, why they should buy from you?
Create Desire
Your prospects need to make an emotional connection with your product or service. Your marketing must make them move from liking to 'wanting.
Create Action
Take the next step with you. This might be downloading something, signing up for something or making contact with you.

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